Double or Nothing 2024 Preview & AEW Turns Five!


We break down and predict the entire Double or Nothing card. We also look back at the very first Double or Nothing from 2019 and talk about how things have gone for AEW since then. 

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Auto-generated Transcript:

hello everybody and welcome to another edition of the Elite City Podcast. It is double or nothing week and it's two man operations tonight the old old school crew is back it's yes what's up aew is going back to like the venue from the first double or nothing yes and and we're back to just us it's all it's all historic and it's not because they couldn't sell a bigger venue just it's not because no one else was available to do the podcast also all

[Laughter] true uh it is aew's 5-year anniversary which that seems absurd to me already it seems weird I I was thinking about this it seems weird and also like they've been around forever okay like because like I think it's because of like the the pandemic stuff and then so much has happened in aw that it feels like this company's been here for a long time but it also feels like they've been here for like 10 minutes it's very strange 

yeah yeah see to me it's more like it just started but I after you say that I agree with you though because you think of all the stuff that's happened at aew like the first beginning of the company then all the the pandemic stuff then like when punk and danelson and all them showed up and then like all the brawlout stuff and then now with like okada and Osprey and Mercedes like it's just they've gone through like 15 eras of wrestling in five years

it's yeah but then it also seems like yeah it's been 10 minutes like it seems like this company is brand new and it's all very weird time time doesn't make sense to me 

that it doesn't like I it's just absurd how fast time goes yeah it's I can't even fathom that 

did you watch the first double or nothing I didn't I watched like part of it later but I didn't watch it as it actually aired that was the one that that happened like well it was this time and then Dynamite started in the fall right yeah it was before Dynamite existed it was like the very first it wasn't the very first show because they had they had like some free pay-per-views right they had like fighter Fest and then something else I think so yeah double to nothing was the first like actual pay-per-view I want to say we like me

and my buddies like we would get all the pay-per-views like even when we didn't watch like we would still get um someone

had the network or a password like we'd watch all those I want to say we

did but you know I mean you can keep this in you could delete it if you want I also drank

a lot back then so I was really drunk and I honestly cannot like there was

always wrestling on when we were there and I'm sure it was on but I couldn't tell you one thing that happened well

that's that's a show that like when you read it it makes sense but it also seems like it was a completely like it seems

like it was a million years ago yeah like I'm reading the results like they had a a casino Battle Royal fine and uh

hangman page won by eliminating mjf last okay that makes sense Kip Sabian defeated Sammy gavara okay makes sense

um SoCal uncensored which was uh Christopher Daniels Frankie gazarian and Scorpio Sky defeated Str strong Hearts

which was SEMA t-hawk and Al lindaman I have no idea who that is I have no idea

that's the first I think they can't I think they came there was one of their that was like an experimental like we're going to work with another company thing

but I don't know what company they came from okay um then a four-way match Brit Baker defeated Nyla Rose Kylie Ray and

Awesome Kong who I forgot actually wrestled in a w I did forget she was in

aw um best friends Chuck Taylor and TR Bretta defeated and and Helo and Jack Evans I forgot about Jumping Jack Evans

too yeah six woman tag match sheta rho in Ryo mizunami defeated aak Kong who I

didn't know was an aw either Emy Sakura and Yuka sakazaki a aasha Kong I don't

remember her being an aw wow um the match everyone remembers Cody

defeating Dustin rhods and that that was a good match oh yeah we did watch that yeah go watch that like the next the

next day just because I knew aew existed it was a thing but I wasn't I wasn't buying pay-per-view so I just didn't buy

it but then everyone online was talking about how good that match was so I watched it and yeah it was a good match yeah I I yeah everyone bled a whole lot

yeah uh young uh defeated the Lucha Bros in a tag team match for the triaa World

Tag Team Championship um and Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega to become the to

become the aw world champion and then mock showed up wow I do remember that

that's wow that's nuts that does seem now now that you're saying this that feels like it was like 45 years ago yeah

wow that's interesting that's fun though like it that you see like the building

blocks and you see who is still around and there's very few people there other than the people that we didn't know who

they were that uh aren't like relevant yeah

it's relatively consistent like it's a lot of the guys are still there I mean they're not necessarily in the same position that they were right at the

time but yeah a lot of the guys are still there so they had a good base that they built yeah I I was actually

expecting it to be more different I was expecting it to be a lot of guys who aren't there anymore right yeah that

that's the only person that really isn't on TV right now on that whole list is

Kip Sabian yeah out of people who are still in the company yeah right right yeah that's what I meant and that's all right

let's let's let's do the list of this is going to be few more that we don't know

let's do the list of the people in the casino Battle Royale okay Dustin Thomas I don't know who that is yeah no you

could just be making that name up like yep mjf sure okay someone named sunny

days d a z e or Z for you I don't know who that is no I don't know Brandon

Cutler sure okay Michael nakazawa sure okay Isaiah Cassidy okay Jimmy Havoc who

was there for like 10 minutes oh he was he was an awful human being yes let's

not talk about him yeah um Joey Janella sure ah okay Brian pilman Jr ah Lexie

fox or whatever now name Lexus King I think it is Lex King there it is is it really bad sideburns or really bad

mustache which one is it uh it's really bad chin strap 90s that's what it is it

it's the '90s beard that's what it is uh Sean Spears who I actually liked I kind

of liked Sean Spears oh yeah he was very not well used in aw yeah Billy Gun okay

which I remember I thought that was insane that Billy Gun was even and then he still is he just L the belt yeah

Glacier which I thought was fun wow that is cool jungle boy now Jack Perry Mark

Quinn okay Ace Romero I don't know who that is do you no that's not Rocky Romero I was

gonna say Romo no ST Romero also wrestled as Justin Romero he's been in

mlw combats own wrestling no I don't know who he is um l asaurus okay okay

Marco stuns oh wow okay I haven't heard his name in forever yeah sunny kiss okay

Tommy Dreamer which I forgot about wow and uh Adam paig who we know was the

winner and orange Cassie wow again all those people are all very relevant yeah

it's it's it's interesting it's it's both it both feels like it was like I said it both feels like it's a

completely different thing but also not like all those people are still yeah

like yeah they're relevant they're still all the vast majority of them are still on awtv in some

capacity and the people that weren't are like bigger names now like you know Joey

Janell is big on the Indies now like right and uh there was someone else in

there that I can't remember uh but another I'm I'm sorry their name escaped me but again they are now bigger on the

Indies because of their stin in a that's right now go back

in time to okay that day and tell everyone that Cody was gonna be WWE champion at this point oh

yeah and that he's a heel currently as you were watching that yeah

now what's we I I don't want to dwell on this because we have to talk about current aw is Cody leaving the weirdest thing

that you could have told somebody about aw in 2019 like if you could go back in time and tell aw fans in 2019 some one

thing about today that would be the weirdest thing is it Cody leaving and being WWE

Champion ah it has to be about aw like obviously like coming out yeah but I

would say either that or the fact that punk got pulled out of retirement and it was a

disaster yeah that whole thing yeah and then goes back instantly yes he came out

of retirement had an incredible first year that everybody loved then then

everybody hated him then he laughed he got fired then he immediately went back

to that's yeah that's that might top it because that in itself I mean like as it

was happening live we didn't think it was real so it is hard to believe so

yeah that's probably it but Cody's up there too because again nobody believed

that like he's not going to go back there come on like and if he is going to go back there he's not going to do well

he's going to be punished and yeah especially with Vince still being in

charge when he went back like you know there was now it would be different and

you could even give them the benefit of the doubt well it's Changing of the Guard blah blah blah blah blah but it was like then it was like I even said

dude Stardust is coming back right yeah the whole the whole year of podcast

where we talked about how the punk stuff was a work we would have had if we had a podcast at the time in like 2021 was it

2021 when he left I think it was if we had if we had this podcast in 2021 it would be how Cody leaving his work yeah

yeah uh and just ju just a heads up uh if I just disappear the power went out

um there's apparently a thunderstorm it just cracked the big loud thunder there you go yeah so just a heads up oh and

Bret Hart was at that that D or Nothing by the way handing out the titles oh yeah he handed out the title yeah man

Hitman why' you have to sign that stupid I mean they're probably paying an insane amount of money because he nothing so I

get it but but Tony KH would have Tony KH would have paid him an insane amount of money yeah I know and he could have

done actual things yeah like train people and pass along knowledge H

anyways uh do you want to get right into this year's paper yeah let's do this year's

Double R nothing because it is 2024 and not 2019 so okay um I'm just going by

the uh aw website the order of the matches so if these are not in the order

that they come on TV that's your warning um we have bullet Club gold

versus death triangle um it's weird that it's not a

Trio's title match it is just like uh I guess the number one contendership I

think it's going to be a tri didn't they say on Dynamite then the gun said on Dynamite like if if you want a title match you have to meet us at Collision I

feel like after Collision they're going to oh okay so it's just not a title match I think it's not a title match

right now I feel like it's gonna end up being one okay well that makes sense because I was gonna say that makes zero

sense to have this match then but yeah it' be really strange if it wasn't a title match um and are they just the

Bang Bang Gang now I think they're they don't really call themselves bullet Club gold anymore do they I wrote that down just so I didn't have to write all that

out I wrote BCG so that's why I said that but yeah I think they are just the bangang Bang Gang now while we're on

this I want to talk about much I loved the whole thing with them carrying the

pulling the wagon down with all the belts in it I was going to say I I have the quote from xcaliber right here which

I was gonna share so go ahead you can you can I love that I love the wag I

love that they when they came down Excalibur said something about like they don't need a wagon for and T Go well

look they have all those belts of course they need a wagon he's like well they don't have to carry all the belt well then why would they have the wagon yes

that that was the quote I there's no reason for three guys to carry around

nine belts says Xcalibur and then Taz goes then why is there a

wagon ah it's brilliant I love it because he was like why is there a wagon to carry the belts but they don't need

the belts but they but what are they gonna do with the wagon it was such a great exchange it was great

um I I wish they would have shown the Unified

titles because they looked really cool from the few glances that I saw is there UniFi titles yeah that's that's the

third set of belts that they're carrying around one was the aw belt like the original Trio's belts and then one was

the RO belts and one was like the pink belt not bullet Club uhla acclaimed

yeah there's the acclaimed belts there's the Ring of Honor belts and then there's the unified belts oh I had no idea that they even had new belts yeah that was

the third belt that's what I thought yeah it's weird never showed them to you and which made the whole segment even

funnier because they did have all the belts but they only needed three oh was great I also liked because when they

when they did each take a belt out of the wagon they each took a different belt yes I I love I love uh bang manang gam

is a silly name but I love them it is they're great I I I there has to be

something why they're not calling them bullet Club I mean obviously there is the reason is New Japan but you would

think New Japan would let them use it I mean I think either they're not letting them use it or they want to do something

about with with actual bullet Club at like forbidden door and they don't want there to be two bullet clubs maybe I don't know there there has to be

reasoning behind it because I mean you're sitting on a gold mine and just t-shirts right you know like that was

the that was the only t-shirt available at all the aw shows I've been to was that one like all the rest of them were

buried but that they had that one in every single show that's in hey at least there were them at least you were able

to get them yeah um I I picked um bullet Club gold uh to

win to retain yeah I think I agree because I don't know they haven't really done anything with the trios belts

yet uh yeah I agree with that that they need somebody to do something I mean the

acclaimed did have a good run but again no disrespect Billy Gun has

done more than you know anybody will ever do um there there need

to be not just on TV every week they need to be defended yeah not maybe not

every week but at least two to three times a month and I feel like if they put them on on death triangle it's kind

of just feels like it's going back like death triangle was like was the second Champions but really the kind of the first Champions because the elite had

them for like a day and yeah immediately lost them to death triangle so it feels like they're just it would feel weird if

they got them back yeah and like aw kind

of has this thing you either have the title for 10 seconds or a year and a half right they need

to I don't want to say need to because it is working but there needs to be some

Middle Ground uh because it's you need like what they did with Joe I think that

that was a step in the right direction Joe he was what four months three and a half four months and that makes sense

yes that was the perfect middle length uh and I hope they do that with um they

seem to have a problem with middle length things I've talked about that with the matches before like either your matches a complete squash it's like wlow

versus Jimmy Fredericks who no one's ever heard of right and it lasts 32

seconds or it's every single match is 20 minutes long or 15 minutes long like they right some things can be shorter

some things can be in the middle like yeah you're title rain doesn't have to be a day or a year and a half it could

be it could be four months like that's fine it's acceptable and Vary it up because then

it it makes it less predictable right now if someone wins a belt you know they're not going to lose it for at least eight months whereas right right

if they changed more often it would be more likely and and the trios belts is a belt that you can like have fun with so

yeah have some have some real feuds have some real matches with it let let bullet Club do some fun things with it and then

yeah I don't know I pick bullet Club okay so that's two

um the next match I don't know um it's the FTW Championship uh Jericho Who's

the champion versus Hook versus shabata uh first off I want to say

shabata being added to this just him in this whole Feud has been awesome yeah

um I think there is a chance that shabata actually wins but I did pick Jericho uh and I think this is the I

think hook and shabata like they I don't want to say they paired them but having them work together I think Hook is G is

on his way to Japan I think that's what happens he's gonna do the Jack Perry thing that would make sense that'd be

good for him too it would be good for him and like you know same thing with

Jack Perry like in Japanese wrestling like you don't have to talk to get over

right and I mean Hook is very good with the little bit that he does say like they would they would love him just

going there and like destroying people like that would be yeah he would be like I was just going to say he would be like Lance Archer like they love Lance Archer

over there yeah um but yeah I think Jericho retains yeah I agree I think I

think the reason Shabbat is in this match is because they don't want Jericho to pin hook but they don't want hook to win the

belt no that makes sense so I think they're gonna have Jericho pin shabata like I think hook and shabata are GNA

get in some sort of like argument like I don't think they're gonna like get like turn on one another but I feel like

Shabbat is g to try to pin him and Hook's gonna pull him off or something and then they're going to like argue

amongst themselves and Jericho is gonna take advantage and win I could see that uh I

just hope they don't do what they did on Dynamite and have like a

double like I liked that that two people put one person in a submission but then

they should have just nullified that person not had two winners I like and I

didn't like how how immediately like the bell rang and immediately they announced they're both winners I'm like I they

should have like I've seen it happen before like the referee goes out and talks to the announcer and is like okay this is a weird situation but this is

what we're doing and like just then announced that they were both winner as AO it felt weird yeah because I mean

I've been watching wrestling for 40 years and literally have never has never seen that happen yeah it was weird yeah

and for the fact that Rick knock's like the the unwritten rule book like he knew he knew that that was that was an

official immediately knew that like oh yeah they can both win when like that that's it was weird yeah and I and I

know Jericho is supposed to be annoying I get it but he's so annoying like he's not annoying in the sense that like he's

entertaining annoying he's annoying I just don't want to see him I it was

so it it was a it's awful like I know he's doing that voice to be annoying that hi guys I just here that like I get

it yeah but it's ter it's not good like it's not good annoying it's just

annoying yeah like the bucks right now I don't like the bucks but the bucks right now are like the kind of annoying that I

like like they're they're like annoying but like you you want to see them yeah

yeah yeah Jericho is just like it's just annoying that's all it is it's Nails on

a chalkboard and I just don't want like I I don't want to hear him talk I don't want to see him like I just don't he

when he's on commentary I don't want to hear him like I just I just don't like him he's annoying yeah ah yeah but I

think he wins who who do you have I I pick Jericho too okay he's gonna continue his The Learning

Tree yeah the fact that his music starts with I'm the learning TR I hate it I

hate it so much it's it's terrible it is not good poor Big

Bill yeah but I mean if we're going to be honest there

is nobody else that could pull that off yeah like big Bill work I don't know big

bill has the training and the sports entertainment aspect of it like yeah he knows love just following him around

wearing the suit jacket like Jericho and like he's he's the best person for that

part but I feel bad that he's doing it because he's better than that but hey to each his own he's making way more money

than me so yeah let him do whatever he wants um orange Cassidy versus Trent

this was one of those ones that I had to flip a coin on um so it landed on Tails which was

Trent so he's my winner and I have a feeling that Rocky Romero helps him win

and they reform rongi Vice ah I like that so can leave that to the penny I

found that's where all that came from I like that um yeah this is a I didn't

know who to pick either I think I think it's I think it's Trent because okay orange winning doesn't really do

anything like then orange just wins and then what yeah that's true too right like

Trent winning like kind of pushes Trent a little bit maybe there could be some stuff with Don Callis I don't know but

what do you think's going on with the Don call stuff is orange with him is orange or not what's what's gonna happen

there see I I don't know because it well it goes back to Dynamite with the um him

tagging with Osprey like everybody loves will they hate that he's with Don Callis

but ah it it's I think the only way that you put

orange Cassidy with Don Callas is if orange Cassidy goes fullblown even a version of heel that

orange Cassidy does but how would he even how would he even be a heel I don't know like care a whole lot

I don't know I don't know yeah suddenly like just take off his sunglasses and just like cut like full length

promos just turns into Cody like yeah like very stereotypical promos of like

now let me tell you folks in this business there's only two

kinds of wrestlers and then he like goes all in on like like very St yeah that would work that would be

amazing but see again I think people would like they would see the iron and like it yeah yeah I don't think he can

be heal I don't think it works but I thought I thought uh deesa couldn't be heal he's doing pretty good at it so but

yeah I agree true I don't think he's gonna I think um he's gonna end up you

know saying no to Don Callas and and Osprey maybe goes with him like maybe they both decide we're like we're

leaving well they're gonna have to do something because I notice they're trying to stop will uh doing his United

Empire crown yeah we're not like on TV stop him not like in real life right uh

and I think it's like I mean obviously Kyle Fletcher is with Don Callas also a member of United Empire like I think

they're gonna I think they're gonna split off um

be cool to see orange Cassidy in in that group yeah maybe I was thinking maybe

Trent goes to Don Callis maybe this is the whole thing that would be cool too because

Trent Trent needs something to do like yeah he's been good at this like I like him but like oh yeah this has been like

it's it's been interesting because if you watched it

weekly he's not wrong right but you like orange Cass like it's really well done

like I think it was it was Mick Foley again who said something like that like heels have to be somewhat justified in

what they do for you to really hate them yeah because you have to put you in a

situation like man he's kind of right damn it like it makes you mad because you're like orange gy so like yeah so

now you're just mad yeah like you don't want to admit that orange might be a little fool of himself and you know like

not real he's super cool yeah no I like it I like him wearing the best friend shirt but it just says best yes I I like

it I like him still using the Best Friend's theme song it's great he's doing a good job yeah and putting his arm in like they all used to like it's

yeah I think maybe he needs to go to Dun call because I don't think on his own he's going to do much no offense to

Trent but like there's so many people on a that like on his own I don't know how well he would how how well he would do

just because there's so many people and there's so much going on hard it's hard to stand out but if

you're in a group it's easier to to be involved because even if you're not wrestling you're

involved yeah and if they if they do something like if they like at the Pay-Per-View excuse me at the

pay-per-view if they lose a few members like we just said if United and Hobs is

out for a while so true yeah so if United Empire would leave pull Trent in

that's your swerve in that match yeah I'll take it so you're also picking

Trent yeah okay wow we're we're straight down the board I know it's it's it's a

kind of an unpredictable pay-per-view but we seem to be agreeing so far yes uh

the the next match is the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator match uh people online were mad of

course uh that an Eliminator match was on a pay-per-view and I get that I get

it but yeah well this is what I this is where I think this is the curveball to

kesa wins yeah I think so too I think that's why they're doing it same here

because me and you have been talking about somebody is going to win one these Eliminator uh matches

eventually and it's going to make sense because you know you can't just have the champion win all the time then The

Eliminator match makes zero sense right uh it makes perfect sense it's not going

to hurt MOX I don't think anything could hurt Ms right now that well that's true

like M could lose Ms could lose every match for he's like Danielson he could lose every match for a year matter that

is true uh you know yeah would super put over Tesa it would super put over teesa

and then you give them the rematch at forbidden door yeah I was I'm wondering if it'll if it'll be at forbidden door

because it's not really a forbidden door is usually like an aw against

um a new Japan thing like it's not even though that's true too title but maybe

they do it or maybe they do like I don't know what how New Japan shows are maybe they do it there that would be kind of

cool that would be cool um and I also wonder if fit like I never thought about

this toour right now like is it like if teesa wins like it doesn't have to

necessarily be MOX like say MOX loses it at forbidden door does teesa still like

does he just get the they've made a point to say that he'll win a he gets a title shot against

whoever the champion is oh okay so oh yeah so then I definitely still think tees the wins because then you could do

anything with that he could bank that yeah they didn't even say when the title shot is yeah he can he can cash it in I

think in like six months if he wants to okay yeah I think toes the wins and he's

the this first person to win an Eliminator yeah and good for him to the

rules I want him to do 100 100% did you did you see the little

thing that he wrote yeah that was strange well I I was just going to ask you do you think that was like in

character or or I don't think it was in character I think part of it was like it

feels like a little bit of it was like Lost in Translation I think what he was trying to say and I think he's right

that it's hard for a Japanese wrestler who primarily speaks Japanese to like

get over in America which I get yeah it is hard like it it would be hard the

other way too if you were a you know a American wrestler who only spoke English to go get over in Japan that would be

difficult too but it's harder in the US because they have cut promos and they need to right they're expected to do more stuff um I think it seemed like it

was it was more despondent than it should have been like when he was saying he doesn't care about wrestling or he doesn't like wrestling anymore or

whatever it was I don't know the exact I fig the exact quotes were um yeah it seemed a little more despondent I think

it was just like I don't know I to me it seemed like maybe it was slightly Lost

in Translation and it sounded more negative than it should have been but I don't know see like I was gonna I was

thinking that too like when it he doesn't seem like somebody that would get tired of wrestling I I'm thinking

that was like like I don't want to say like he used like like a Japanese slang and they

just translated at verbatim you know what I mean like feel like there are like all kinds of

examples of that I can't think of one off the top of my head where when you translate to another language it sounds it sounds worse than

it is right like you know like he might have just excuse me he might have just meant like oh I not tired of wrestling

but tired from wrestling like we wrestle so much more on TV or it's just oh so

it's so much harder to be on TV every week than it is wrest just wrestling and

that translate yeah he doesn't seem like it see it would seem very weird for him to just be like he's been wrestling

since he was what like a young teenager yeah it seems weird for him to say like oh yeah I had you know a year in aw and

now I hate wrestling yeah unless he's been hanging out with CM Punk a lot backstage maybe prior to this and then

he's J he's jaded and angry now maybe I don't know uh if Punk ruined Tes I'd kill I could take all the other stuff he

did but if you teesa yeah that would be that's too far yeah line teesa is a

perfect human yes and you you you honor that yes T yeah I hope teesa wins

because yeah they feel like they I feels like they kind of slowed down his push because like he beat Kenny Omega he beat

Chris Jericho and then he got kind of derailed like where he was not really doing much so I think they should push

him I think he should be a main event guy he's a good wrestler he doesn't talk but he has Don Callis for that and his

like he's becoming a really good heel like his like snarl at the camera that he does is like it works so and he looks

super cool and yeah he should get something are we eventually gonna get aat T kesa I hope

so yeah same here that would be great that would be unreal it would it would be great if he pushed it as like you're

you know I'm the next great Japanese wrestler like you're the best Japanese wrestler so far but I'm better than you or like I'm the new gener I'm younger

than you I'm the new generation of you like that would be cool oh that'd be so good because you know this um how the

elites kind of allying with everybody you know that's not GNA last oh yeah I mean come on yeah um but this week

they'll tell us how United they are and how they'll be together forever right and then in two weeks right um excuse me

we have the TNT Championship barbed wire steel cage match between uh Adam

Copeland the champion and Malachi black my most important question here is does

does Adam cing get the brw entrance I think gang gr just straight shows up yeah he he

after the blood bath I feel like that would make perfect sense and also did you notice how they kind of like had

Adam turn his head so you saw his pointy teeth yeah they looked a bit like fangs yeah yeah I was like they're definitely

leaning into and especially he did that interview recently where he said that he wanted to have gang GR in WWE and they

thought no WWE thought that no one knew who I feel like he dropped that on purpose to be like oh good point as a

reminder of gang gr everyone's like oh yeah that I remember gang gr he was cool like he he threw in a little yeah oh

that was rule I also love how they did a whole bunch of blood it was have you

have you ever seen that segment with Kevin Nash and I think it was like Vampiro yeah where the blood the blood

totally misses him and he's just like standing there and like didn't get any of it I feel like Tony Khan watched that

was like okay we have to do an insane amount of blood so no matter what he is in the ring he's gonna get hit with

it that was first off it looked like it hurt yeah it looked really hard yeah like yeah like

there was some gelatin or something in that like it it wasn't just dropped it was like shot towards the ring like it

was it was with Force like a hose ah oh this match is gonna be great

be fun it is gonna be fun this is a tough one for me too um the this was I I

didn't flip a coin on this one I think Malachi wins yeah think he does I I was I was

iffy on this one but it would make the most sense for him to win same here it's when you sit down and think about it it

makes more sense for him to win and and Copeland yeah he he's only had the title for like a couple months but like that's

perfectly fine because he's a mega star so like it doesn't matter he can he can have like do you remember when um WWE

had the Money in the Bank briefcase and everyone who won the money of Bri face cashed in successfully and won the title

every single time yeah and they were saying oh eventually someone has fail because they can't always right so they

had John Cena win it and John Cena failed because John Cena can right it like he can he could take that loss so

yeah C if anyone's gonna have like a pretty short run and kind of lose pretty quickly like Copeland can lose and it

won't affect him at all and like you yeah like we were just talking about when we started this show

earlier uh you know Christian had a pretty long run so you don't need another huge two back-to-back runs right

so yeah it makes sense for him to have it for a couple months and then you know malikai is very

deserving uh I want to see Malachi with a singles title I've been we've been I've been

waiting for that for a long time now yeah uh oh it's this match in general it

could steal the show uh yeah I mean I I wouldn't be surprised if it

did yeah it's I like because he actually put in a good stipulation too I think we made a joke before when he was he he

picked the No Holds bar match against Christian and I was just like he's saying that too many people have been interfering Christian B so he's choosing

a match where anyone can interfere at least he learned now that like no we'll get a steel cage with Barb Wire that'll

make it less likely that people interfere right he finally KCK the right stipulation well that that's what I was

just gonna say how do they incorporate gang gr like is he hiding under the ring

like yeah I don't know I don't know if he comes out with him and then kind of just leaves or if he is involved somehow

I don't know because it would be cool to have like the The Brood entrance obviously theme but they can knock off

the theme right they could have a a brw entrance with the fire and then Copeland comes up and then gang's behind him like

that would be super cool but it would also be really cool to have like House of Black come down and interfere and

then gangrell pops out from somewhere yeah that would be cool too how cool would it be just randomly out

of nowhere like Christian was Christian and then right and then for the main

event was just back to Christian Cage yeah he was Christian with like the white puffy shirt yeah like brood

Christian yeah and then they asked him about it he's like I don't know what you're talking about I I was backstage

training my name is Christian Cage are you talking about someone else yeah I don't know who that fell was but I was I

was preparing for the main event very goodlooking guy though but I don't know who it I heard he was [Laughter]

ripped uh I'm waiting I'm waiting because I feel like there has to be a Christian

Copeland reuniting some some point they have to reunite at some point they have to and now that the elite is kind of

tied in with the patriarchy there has to be a jack Perry luchasaurus something ah true that's got

like they haven't really run into each other but I feel like they have to or Jack Perry and Christian like they to run into each

other absolutely true on that there a lot going on for a company

that doesn't tell stories they have a lot of stories going on yeah well I mean gez just read the internet

um again a story that writes itself and it's coming up here around the corner

how cool would it be to get Christian and Copeland back on the same page in

the owen har tournament oh yeah that would be cool you know like just

you don't even have to like speculate like you know just everybody would know oh okay well they're obviously GNA face

each other during this at some point oh that would just be so fun yeah uh so

you're also Malachi yes I'm also Mali okay um we have the International

Championship between Rodrick strong will Osprey this this was another coin

flipper um uh I picked teds and it was rodri strong strong so oh all right

there you go yeah that's I it is it is tough because I don't know will Osprey I

he's obviously a superstar yes he's he's so popular and everyone loves him like I was watching Dynamite I watched it late

and it was late at night when I watched it so the the show started and orange Cassidy came out I'm like I like orange

Cassidy but this is no offense to Orange Cassy but this is me being a bad fan I was like oh this match is going to be 15 minutes long I I can I can skip 10

minutes of it and kind of get the gist of it right right because I'm I'm a bad fan who doesn't appreciate wrestling um

it's all good and then well aspre theme came out and like okay now I have to watch like I I have to like I can't

not he's he's so good he's just so good he's has way more personality than I

ever thought he had he's way better at promos than I ever thought he has his like his ring presentation everything

about him is just I've seen him in matches obviously before aw but he's so much better even than I thought he was

oh it's like it's almost like it's a different person yeah you're like it's

he surprised everybody in aw which yeah I saw I forget who it was it was one of like the obnoxious internet guys with a

podcast like one of the old wrestlers not Bully Ray but someone like that um who kind of mocks aw all the time but I

think they were talking about uh wellos they're like how did WWE Miss like how did they not give him anything he wanted

like because he's so so good like he's so good and so it's weird because no go

ahead well I was just going to say could they have said yeah we'll give you everything you want but your name is now

going to be blah blah blah blah blah you're going to go to NXT for at least three years blah blah blah why but why

would they not do just give him whatever like just let him be he's he's so good just like let him be will ospry because

they're they're that ignorant that's their H they let AJ Styles be AJ Styles which was kind

yeah but AJ Styles came in at 41 right so like you

know I I like I hate to say it because like eventually they're gonna

have to either stop doing what they're doing with that and let the people sign

who like work their butt off to uh make that name for themselves or they're

going to have to stop hiring Indie wrestlers and just hiring hire influencers that they can mold and do

whatever they want to or like or like college athletes or yeah like colle yeah

yeah because like I I I was watching an interview um on

YouTube and a wrestler basically said like anonymously because you know you

never want to burn a bridge but uh you know that was their reason for not even

when WWE reaches out don't go to the camps like right and they're like for

the reason I've been doing this they said they've been doing it for like I don't know 12 years or something and it's like here's me this is my Merch

this is this well if I go there for a certain amount of time I'm no longer this right so it doesn't work out there

or I hate it there right I just tarnished what I worked for and you waste and you wasted like three or four

years or whatever of like where you're not even building up your brand yeah that's exactly yeah you waste three or

four years there where at any moment they could just fire you right it's

weird I do feel like will Osprey and I think this is this I don't even think this is like being hyperbolic I think he

might end up being the most important person aw signed eventually yeah I could see that because

like they've signed a lot of big names they've signed like Danielson and Adam Copeland and even swerve who was like not that big of a name but has turned

out to be great yeah yeah um but I think will OS might be the best person they've signed he's he's he's so young he's what

like 32 or something and he's if that and he's so just good at everything like

I feel like yeah so so I don't know I I don't know who's gonna win this part of

me thinks they're not gonna have him win the national title because it's like it's it's a not to insult it but it's

kind of below him he's such a big deal yeah it would be weird but also I

think he might win because he's so over and he's so popular

and he's so good that like if he doesn't win this they kind of have to put him in the main events and you like I don't

know if they want to do that yet and and like I mean he has to be

high on the card for Wembley too right I mean just because yeah so I'm gonna I'm

gonna pick will Osprey but I could see I could see rodic strong winning but I think it's will so well that gives us a

difference so and I think going to be some sort of there's going to be something with like

Don Callis or something like we talked about this is this isn't going a straight match yeah there there's gonna

be some sort of shenanigans one way or the other yeah I actually wouldn't mind

like the Don Cal family and the Undisputed Kingdom kind of joining forces for a while because they're both like Undisputed kingdom is I know Adam's

not there but they're kind of just Treading Water a little bit like if they kind of even not became one group but kind of like work together for a while

that'd be fun yeah yeah yeah I I'm yeah I'd be okay with that um oh man that just opened a whole

new can like my head started the gear started turning after that now now that needs to happen they have a lot of

options aw is a lot like I was thinking this they have a lot of stories that could go so many places right

now yeah and I'm glad you said this because I've been meaning to say this

for like three weeks now you you said something back when we first started

this like aw sets people up that within the aew sphere anybody makes sense to be

like you know there's very few people like oh they don't belong there blah blah blah right now that th that we're

established and in the whatever era that we're in with aew and everything does

make sense a lot of these I don't want to say throwaway

matches but like a lot of these random matches make

sense just because you know who the other person is that yeah you know like

you know they could throw a uh you know if a champion goes to the um to the

ranking system like just have number three versus number two tonight for number two contendership you know what I

mean and it's like oh yeah that works and again again I I think it's

Tony Khan's Outlook of looking at his roster and his company as a legitimate

team right and you just plug and play I mean that's the the job of a GM and

that's what he is so it makes perfect sense yeah I agree that just reminded me

every year like we watch I watch hockey like we're more hockey fans diet with any other Sport and like obviously this

free agency and this trade and stuff that happens throughout the season and like I don't watch every single game but I pay attention but every so often

you'll see a player and you're like who is that guy where did he come from and then someone will be like oh yeah he's played 25 games on this team I'm like

I've never heard of him but like he fits in and he's just on the team and it's fine yeah like it's not like yeah I

think that's that's kind of where they're going yeah I'm you know again

I'm gonna make a hockey reference here every team needs there are more Craig Adams on

every team than there are Sydney right yeah and so if if you got that

reference congratulations if not look him up Good centerman by the

way both of them are good centerman by the way um but yeah like you have

more I don't want to say bottom tier but like you have [Music] more good athletes than great athletes

yeah and and what I was saying is I like that this pay-per-view is like we're talking about it's it's more

unpredictable I do have a bit of a problem with a lot of the matches they have on Dynamite and collision I get why

they're there I totally get why all the matches are there yeah I'm not one of those people who's like why is he facing

him like that makes like I get it like all the 90% of the matches they have there is a reason for that match like

sometimes there's not but most of the time there's a reason for the match um the problem I have with it is the match

is all great I'm not saying they're not but the problem I said before the problem I have is like when it's you know two gu like you know Rocky Romero

versus will Osprey you know who's winning like it's going to be a good match no problem but like you know who's

going to win that match 100% of the time I would like it to be a little bit more

unpredictable um and I think they're getting there I think this paper an example of that yeah minus the world

championship match yeah yeah but again it makes sense for it to happen though

right you know like they we we'll get there in a minute but uh

yeah like you said earlier for a company that doesn't tell stories there's a lot going on yeah there's a whole swerve

story I want to talk about I saw someone say something online that kind of B my mind so we'll get to it when we get there uh next we have the Women's World

Championship uh Tony storm versus the professor Serena deeb and this was

another one uh the coin told me Tony storm was gonna win yeah Tony storm makes the most sense

because she's involved in so many other I I've said this about Tony storm a bunch of times I think she is probably

their most overw women's wrestler so it makes sense so it makes sense that she's the champion it definitely does yeah but

she could not have it and it wouldn't matter she could do yeah she has so many things going on right now with like her

and Mariah May and everything and you stuff with Sera stuff with uh everyone

else like it's just yeah she doesn't need the title right now so she could lose it and it would be fine and she

could keep doing what she's doing and then it opens up a whole series of new stories for Serena deeb which would be great yeah um but I don't think she's

gonna lose I think they're going to keep it on her till like either till Wembley or till Mercedes beats her or till you

know Jamie haer comes back and beats her maybe I think they're gonna save her for something like that yeah and that just

makes the all that just makes the most sense again no disrespect to Serena D I love Serena

I she's a great wrestler she's I I wish that she got to do more yeah uh and it's

going to be a great match yeah for sure I I it's just it just Tony's too good

and and she has so many things that she could do like that with this character with this yeah that it makes that even

if like this is no offense to Serena de again but if Serena Dee won and became Women's

Champion that would be great but Tony storm is still going to be the main focus of like like most of the women's

division she's still going to be in the biggest storyline she's still going to get the most attention and maybe that's what they want like maybe they want her

and Serena Dee and probably Mercedes to all kind of be focused on but I I feel

like it's gonna stay with Tony I yeah I agree I was thinking of this the other day how awesome would this be when she

does lose the belt I don't know just just say she loses it at Wembley and the

following Dynamite she just shows up as the old Tony storm and acts like that

whole two years haven't happened yeah it was never like someone mentions it and she's like what are you talking about

yeah she's just like I've been on vacation like just like the stupidest answer she goes up to S is like so what

are we up to today and she's like okay we're not a team yeah we are we're the outcasts

where's Ruby that would be fun yeah I I that

needs to happen even if she just does it just once right yeah to let you know that you know Timeless

Tony storm is dead and over yeah that'd be fun there's just ah I want that to

happen um Anarchy in the arena uh Team

Elite versus Team aw uh I mean I picked team aw because

that flamethrower I love that that was so it was so silly it was so silly like so

Tony Khan fists bump him and he pulls out a flame it was so silly but I thought it was great was like the right

amount of silly to the point where I was like I loved it sometimes things happen that you're

like that was silly and dumb but this happened it was silly and funny and I liked it yes I I as you were watching it

I was just on on my computer waiting for you to get then I was like oh he's getting close he's getting close and

then you're like there's a flamethrower it was funny I love it Tony KH dropping him off

like he was dropping uh you know his son off at school right

Darby Darby did seem like like a moody teenager like his dad drops off at school he like walks in with like you

know but then he has flamethrower but but is a flamethrower and the thing that I thought was absolutely hilarious is

again the the suspension of disbelief that the owner of the company who

literally signs everybody's checks was not allowed in the building until like 10 to

10 yeah that that's the one that's the one you have to suspend disbelief of

this cuz like yeah why do the Young Bucks in what company does the vice president get to kick out the president

and just say you don't get to show up anymore when like you're the president of the company you could just fire that

and the fact that like they're like oh yeah he's he's not ruling he's just working remotely like he's still the

president his word still is no matter where he works from has email yes yes

it's the 21st century um so yeah I'm gonna differ with you I'm

gonna go with the elite nice okay I think it's the elite because I think they have to since this started

obviously it has NWO Vibes I love them nerd wer is a great name for them I think so good yeah that's that's so

perfect um I want them to be more of a menace they were pretty Menace like they were pretty obnoxious on on D I want

them to be more like I want them to just like be like I want them to show up the middle of the match and be like yeah we don't want this match anymore we're done

we want to cut a proo now yeah yeah I want them to be like that I want them to just be like obnoxious cut match times

cut people's promos like you know swerves walk into the ring they're like oh didn't you hear we cut your match yeah you're not on tonight sorry like I

want them to do I want them to be like that that would be great amazing and for them to be more obnoxious like that they

have to win true so I but I wish there was like something on the line I wish it

was like if they win they do get to run Dynamite like even though Tony Khan's back like I want something like that

okay yeah because right now Tony Khan's back right so can they did they just lose

their control show good call I don't know but yeah I

want them to win I think the the Bucks are winning me over them coming from the run in on Danielson but doing their

whole entrance with like the camera shooting them from behind and like the elevator and that was great it was I you

know waiting me over they're doing a great job they're so I've told you they're they're they're better heels oh

yeah for sure ah and they're not like they're being the right like we talked about with Jericho they're being the right level of annoying where like

they're annoying but it's entertaining annoying yeah I think it's great and they aren't doing too many

like wink and Nod being like just so you know it's not real like they're not doing that so like it's it's been good

ohh I cannot wait I'm gonna say Elite but I I think something something happens something's got to happen here I

think they did the Darby flamethrower thing because Kingston was supposed to probably set someone on fire again and now he's not here true so poor Eddie by

the way yeah I feel bad for him but I mean dud man's taking it better than

anybody like Beyond with a grain assault you know right where he's just like well that's Sports you know you get it hurt

sometimes like yeah but it sucks for him he's gonna be out for like a year or something so that's too bad that is bad

uh hey but you know Eddie Eddie is versatile I I hope he just doesn't stay

home for a year you know again I understand traveling with a blown out knee and broken leg would suck

but if like you know when they're in uh New York or Long Island or something get

him in on some commentary or something like he's good I've been waiting for Eddie to be in like a really good

storyline for a long time and they've never really pulled the trigger on it I was hoping they would do like an Eddie mock storyline like a real inth one but

they didn't they kind of got involved with each other like I know they had matches like against one another but

they didn't really have like a one-on-one recently like like last year they had like six mans and stuff but

they didn't have like a real one-on-one Feud and I was hoping that they would do that like his Feud with claudo was good

I want him to get I want him to have like a I want him to have a big Feud where he can cut like real promos he

hasn't cut real promos on people in a while and he's so good at it so yeah I hope he stays around I hope he does

something yeah same here like that's just excuse me that how was Derby back

by the way didn't he like break his ankle and get hit by a buzz yeah it make

zero sense like he was in a like a walking boot like five days ago

right I love I love the that about the elite too quietly putting him over like they did a good job at like yeah when

they're like you got to keep this you got to work hard to keep this guy out of the building he broke his leg ankle and he got hit by bus and he's still walking

around so you got to stop like I like that where like as a heel you have to put over the face yeah but they did it

without being cheesy about it like it made sense it was good and see like you

said that excuse me um like Mick Foley or something said that like back in the day like and I never realized that but

yeah like you have to because if you just put them down and said they were pow trash and then you beat them it's like what did you accomplish right you

just beat some loser if time telling them their Loser yeah so yeah if you not necessarily put the them over but if you

put some Credence into them and you know give them a little bit of credit then

there's a little bit of mountain over overcome better makes more sense way better to say You're really great but

I'm even better right than you're a loser and I can and I'm awesome yeah

yeah okay I also like that I noticed I not that I like that I noticed I noticed

and liked that they're um triple Main Event in this they're calling it a

triple Main Event yes yeah um I I feel bad for the the world title

because that's the one that is the most obvious right and I mean it it should be

like you know if you're going to do like a main event that's your world that excuse me if you're going to put your

world title anywhere you put it in the main event but in a situ ation like this

I mean you have Mercedes Monet's first match you have you know an anarchy in the arena they don't do those all the

time so having a triple main event is actually really cool did you notice that anarchy Arena stadium sede is a double

or nothing thing I didn't notice until I was reading about the other double or nothings I did not notice that no because they had one they didn't have

one the first year but then they had one the second year because it was the co year where they had Stampede the elite

and Matt Hardy against the Inner Circle then they nothing 2020 was when they had interner Circle against the Pinnacle

then 2022 it wasn't the main event because hangman paage versus CM Punk was but they had an anarchy in the arena

match which was hold on okay I had

it now I lost it it was oh the J against uh the BCC

and Eddie and Santana and Ortiz okay then they had uh last year

Blackpool combat Club against the elite in a k the arena and then they have one again now wow so Danielson has literally

been in every Anarchy in the arena right not the first one oh okay so he's been in all but one yeah unreal yeah yeah I

didn't know that it was like a double or nothing thing same here yeah until until I read about it but yeah see those those

are the things that Tony KH and the

upper management need to learn how to sell like you know and not to bring up

WWE WWF but when I say Thanksgiving Eve everybody knows it's Survivor Series

right like yeah I you should know that those things

are tradition especially by year five yeah you know I get that they're trying to make it a tradition of like it's

Memorial Day weekend it's always but like yeah they have to WWE is annoying because they Hammer you over the head

with that stuff but aw goes too far the opposite way and like kind of hopes you notice in instead of you know pushing it

on you yeah you know just give me let me know that Thanksgiving Eve is Survivor

series for everything right yeah

um TBS Championship uh Willow Nightingale the champion versus Mercedes Monae and her

debut wrestling match in aew um

I this is my wild card there's no coin flip here uh I say Mercedes wins but

statlander turns on Willow and that's how she that's how she beats right Willow this is a tough one for me too I

like that idea um thank you because I do think Mercedes wins because it's her

first match and they want her to be a champion right

but I think she's really good as a heal she's starting to turn heel you can tell she's starting to turn heal

um if she lost to Willow again she could like lose it and just oh just be

full-blown yeah just go like I'm sick of being nice I came here and I was trying to be nice to people and be you know

help promote the show and no I'm done with this I'm just I'm in it for me now and like be Punk yeah basically um so

that would work out really well I don't know I'm torn because I think Mercedes I

really do okay but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Willow because especially because she just just won it pretty recently same here this is one

like it's it could go either way and I would not be surprised like yeah uh but

yeah I agree I do kind of want Mercedes to join the elite I think we tal I don't know if we talked about this on the podcast but I know we talked about it

outside podcast I I agree with you on that too I think she needs to I mean you got executive VI vice presidents you

need a CEO right yeah that would be perfect yeah I mean and she's such she's such a better heel than she is a face

like she is she's a good face but she's such she's she's a great heel like she's

a much better heel and her I get what she was doing I get

why they did it they kind of did it with Punk too when he showed up is the first couple months was just like I'm happy to

be here like I get it it didn't really it didn't really work in either case like it kind it worked better with Punk

just because he is better on the mic than she is but even that got old after a while he was like I'm happy to be here

and I'm G to have this match with Bobby fish and it's great like no we we want we wanted CM Punk CM Punk right we

wanted like that you know turns out we didn't want the angry CM Punk but yeah

we did at the time yeah so like Mercedes yeah I don't want I'm happy to be here

and I'm gonna start a re I don't want that I want the I'm the boss I'm full of myself I'm better than you like I want

that and that would that would be that would work perfectly with the elite I don't know how they get there but it

would be great yeah um

oh man that would be so good this match is gonna rule though by the way like it's really good it's gonna be off the

chain good I mean first off they're they're they know each other yeah and

second off they both work their asses off when they're in the ring so it's oh it's gonna be I I loved I know I wasn't

on the podcast last week but we talked about it I'm sure you guys talked about it I loved that I last time we wrestled

I walked out a champion and you didn't walk out at all that was a great line yeah it was such a good line great line

such a good line Willow's been good she's been good on the mic which I didn't expect her to be that good she's she's she's just she's really good yeah

oh to the point where this is like this is like Serena Dee losing to Tony storm which I think is gonna happen like what

do they do after that right like what I don't want Willow to just like kind of Fade Away now so yes Chris statlander

turning on her would be good because then then they could have a story yeah yeah you you can oh that's

what I want to hand happen um seeing Willow from like the

early days of uh of dark and whatever the other show is called that I can't

think of it elevation elevation yeah there you go dark elevation yeah seeing yeah seeing her

start there and then go to you know her being who she is now did

she start when there was no fans yeah uh she was one of the um like

people that would like she would wrestle over now and again but she was just a like in the Crowd Oh yeah she mentioned

that that she was she was there in the crowd yeah and uh it was it was such

just an interesting like I don't know just cool to see you know like the whole process I

do kind of wish they push that aspect of the story a bit more now that you're mentioning it I kind of wish they would push like you know I worked up from zero

fans being in the crowd to becoming a champion she's mentioned it a bit in her promo and like you came in here and

everything was kind of just handed to you you got your own show you got your own big entrance you got you got a title

match without ever wrestling here like I kind of want them to maybe they will

maybe they'll steer in that direction a bit more after the match because I would that's a great angle of like I I worked

my my way from nothing from nobody up to this spot and you just

walked in and got handed this match that doesn't feel right oh man and then Mercedes could just counter with no but

I'm better than you that's why I deserve I don't have to work my way up yeah it would be I maybe they continue their

Feud maybe they keep going because true I think I think they could do more between the two of them I just I just

thought what if we have a draw yeah I mean especially because it's you

know it's a pay-per-view you think you're GNA have some finality yeah throw the big curveball don't give anybody a

winner oh man literally go anyway they are gonna do where Mercedes falls out of the ring

and she pretends she hurts her leg oh th% that's and Willow's gonna come out and be like no not again I'm so sorry

and then she turns on her like that's definitely gonna happen yeah um but yeah I I'm excited for this one I think it's

gonna be great yeah same here are you picking Mercedes I I'm picking Mercedes but

okay yeah I'm picking Mercedes but I'm not that I'm not too confident in my pick here but I'm picking Mercedes again

like I said that was one of those ones now this last one uh you have a good story you have a swerve story it's the

aw World Championship swerve Strickland our champion versus Christian I think we

both gonna say swerve wins yeah because of course of course he does but like I I like the angle even though it was oh

yeah it makes sense I liked everything that they've done yeah we've said a bunch of times predictable is

necessarily bad exactly and it's not like okay it's

like we just sat here for an hour and talked about oh I don't know what's gonna happen here this could go this way

this could go that way there's literally one match that right and who's to say

it's gonna end away like that could be a time limit draw and stuff could happen coming out of it right like like we've

talked before um I think it was all out 2021 Punk's first match when the the

main event was Christian Cage against against Kenny Omega everyone knew Kenny Omega was going to win that match right

everybody knew but then they had at the end you know Adam Cole come out and Danielson come out and everything

totally changed right so literally everything changed yeah so you have no I

like they could something like that could happen at the end the elite could do something something could happen we have no idea right so just because the

match result is predictable doesn't mean it's going to be a predictable show and again you're right it's one match on the

card right and it's been good like they're both they've done they've done a great job they've been entertaining they

I like the storyline going into it what I wanted to say is um someone pointed the head of the storyline which I didn't

re realize I don't know if you realized it swerve is in by his own admission

like a a bad guy he's done bad things he's broke into people's houses he beat

people up like he's he he was the one who who like broke Billy gun's hands with a yes with pliers or something like

he's he's done a lot bad stuff um I didn't realize that this is kind of now that he's Champion he did all that to

become champion and now that he's Champion he's kind of paying for all of it like his gu turned his gu turned on

him and he has no one really to support him like when he's getting beat down no one helps him he's like he's kind

of he's kind of paying for everything that that's why I don't know if you noticed when he was fighting Nick Wayne

he said like I really am sorry yeah before he before he kicked him and it wasn't n at least in my eyes

it wasn't I'm sorry for the kick it was like I'm sorry for everything else I'm sorry for like you know right mocking

your dad and breaking into your gym and beating you like I'm sorry for all that because I think now he's gonna try to

atone for all the stuff that he did that awesome it's been good it's been good I

didn't even realize that till I saw someone mention I'm like yeah that's true he's like he's he had yeah because again like when Brian Cage is like you

only brought us out when it helped you he's right like he is is so and when

Nick Wayne's like you attacked my family yeah he did like that's all they're all

right like he did all do do all those things wow now that I think of it does that mean hangman comes back at the

end oh with the elite

possibly yeah because he's someone obviously swerve is wronged he broke into his house and threatened his baby

right so like yeah that could be the end of the show I was gonna swerve wins he celebrates and

then hangman shows up or you get like a a vignette of hangman like yeah hey I'll

see you Wednesday type right oh man that would be fun because if it's if he is

gonna have to pay for all the things that he did and like yeah I mean Hangman's someone he has to pay against

right so yeah yeah that would be cool oh and that's a great ending and it makes

sense yeah man Show's gon be really good yeah yes

it is yes it is I mean they've never had a bad pay-per-view like even the ones

that you consider not their best have never been bad oh yeah for sure it's

it's always you get your money's worth uh yeah for sure for sure um what what

do you pick for the what's going to be the match of the night

um I will let's see I'm gonna say Mox and

teesa okay yeah that makes sense I mean I'm looking at it there's a lot of good options yeah that that was my like my

Dark Horse and so I'll just pick it as my Golden Goose two sports references I

think Anarchy in the arena will obviously be nuts like it'll be the one talking about because it's gonna be nuts I think like best wrestling match I

think it might be Willow and Mercedes yeah it probably they're gon have a great match they're gonna have a banger

and they're gonna get time so but I could I could see it being Mox and teesra I could see it being uh Copeland

Malachi none of us should be sleeping on Christian Cage because he's he's great right Christian and swerve is gonna be a

great it's all gonna be really good yeah and we don't even know like they could

that well obviously there's going to be a pre-show they'll add to that tomorrow uh yeah they haven't mentioned

anything on there yet right no they haven't mentioned anything for a pre-show and I was just going to say there's what see is there 10 matches

here yeah that's probably the card probably the main that's it for the main show yeah yeah on on collision they're

gonna or on rampage they're gonna is Rampage on this week I don't even know um oh uh yeah it starts early tomorrow 6

I think all right but yeah on one of those shows they're gonna add some pre-show matches for sure

um because have you been watching the the pre-shows or have you just been tuning in

I haven't really watched the I've watched a little bit like I've tuned in and out like usually when they're on I'm like still doing stuff so I'll like kind

of pay attention but I haven't really watched the full one they have really got a good formula going now

like the first half hour is Renee and RJ like basically just hey there's 20

minutes left to you know subscri not subscribe order now blah blah blah but

they'll do like little interviews and stuff and then like the last half hour will be just matches so it's it's not

like yes it's a commercial but it's not all hey buy byy byy like you do get some

actual free good wrestling yeah and it's good that they do it at the end because usually if they have it in the first

half of the pre-show but I've not like the the Rena still like mostly empty yeah yeah well it's good to do it later

everyone's in line for the four t-shirts that that they had for sale and

Bel the last time I went to Dynamite it was better they had more stuff yeah they did they have the belt

though still they didn't still have the belt and I think they had like a like a turnbuckle or something that was super oh yeah they had yeah when biddy and I

were there they had a turnbuckle signed by either the whole roster or damn near

the whole roster yeah I forget who signed it but they had a really expensive turnball it was like $100 I

like who who like you're who brings that kind of even in your credit card like

yeah drop that there you know somebody went there spent $1,100 on it and then like lost it like left it on their

seat home and then on the way home was like oh man yep but I it's I thought about this if

you bought that and like I said I think it was literally I think it was $1,100 you could probably turn around

and sell that now why you would do that is beyond me but you could probably sell that

for more than what you p for it yeah that's true but again why you would do

that like I mean that just makes zero sense but um yeah there there is some

weird merch at an but it was better when I was there they had actual wrestler shorts I forget who they were now but

they had like I think they see that's good they had like a Kenny Omega shirt and a will Osprey shirt like they had most of the shirts you would expect them

to have like they had like Osprey and Omega and like Daniel sand like they had some people shirts yeah like we said

like you know they don't need to carry the OutRunner shirts right but your main

at least your Champions like your top 10 people or something they that yeah yeah

I mean at least that that is one thing I I will never talk down to WWE on you go to

a WWE show not only is there a merch Booth about every three feet right you

can get whatever like it's stocked you know if if like when my nephew was younger I

took him a couple like Smackdown or raws and you know he'd want a Cen a shirt or

something I'm like yeah let's go and like you could literally just find one on your way to the restroom buy a shirt

real quick like there wasn't a to-do like it is at an aw show yeah and they didn't sell out of the shirt before the

show started yeah right yeah you didn't have to buy the $800 um pre get into the building early

tickets buy a t-shirt right all right uh do we have any

closing thoughts here sir no I I wasn't to be honest I wasn't super pumped for

this pay-per-view like I was going to watch it and I'm like I'm always gonna enjoy it they're all good but I wasn't super pumped for it until we talked

about it more and now I'm like yeah it's actually G be really good it's like a quietly good pay-per-view though yeah yeah that's a great way to that is a

great way to say it it is just quiet and oh I'm like I keep thinking about it and

losing my train of thought it's yeah quietly good pay-per-view h I cannot wait um well on

that note then everybody thank you for listening once again um make sure to like subscribe and share we are at Elite

City pod on all social media uh we always to say that at the beginning we should say it at the beginning next time

definitely should because we've talked for an hour and 21 minutes so if they haven't made it they haven't made it this far they ain't never gonna hear

that uh yeah we do forget to put that at the beginning um

yeah anyways um everybody just have a a good long weekend um it's a long weekend

there enjoy oh yeah here is do you have it up there no no we had one last weekend last weekend okay so yeah enjoy

your long weekend um eat some hamburgers and hot dogs and watch some wrestling and we will see you next week

so until then later

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